Setup Twitter Bootstrap on Phoenix projects JavaScript Elixir Phoenix

This is a short post, more like a straightforward recipe for new Elixir on Phoenix projects to use twitter bootstrap. Kind of sharing some frontend management tips to backend developers like me.

Chrome Extensions - Part 3 - Application JavaScript

That’s the final part of a series regarding Chrome Extension Development. In this post I’m using a simple version of NetFlex for showing how to configure the injection of your js/css files into an existing thrid part website. Also how to receive a message from your popup and then interact with the main application.

Chrome Extensions - Part 2 - Popup JavaScript

This is the 2nd/3 post about Chrome Extension Development, and in this post I’m going to talk about Popup. Using NetFlex as an example let’s see how to configure a Popup, what you can do with it and how to send messages from your Popup and the main page.

Chrome Extensions - Part 1 - Setup JavaScript

Here’s a 1st/3 post regarding Chrome Extension Development, and for illustrating I’ll use my own NetFlex plugin as example. This is a powerful way to add features to the user for existing pages that you don’t even have access to the code. It’s crazy how many possible solutions you can come up with.

ES2015 Functions JavaScript

ES2015 has some improvements for functions including the lexical this, implicit return and more. All in a short syntax, so let’s use new ES2015 syntax for functions.

ES2015 Classes JavaScript

ES2015 has classes in its specification. So let’s see how we could apply the new ES2015 class syntax for wrapping out our JavaScript code.

Why Ember JS JavaScript Ember

Ember is a light, flexible, efficient and very powerful javascript framework for very Ambitious web applications. In this post I write about the greatness of Ember, why I like it, some myths and also its problems. This is an opinionated post.

First Ember JS Application JavaScript Ember

Ember JS is a Javascript framework for ambitious Web Applications. This means that you can build great applications, with tons of user interactions in a very efficient way. In this post I’ll tell how to create a simple EmberJS Web Application.